Cheryl & Randy, Healing Hand-Up Ministries
Saint Jo, Texas

Bio: ...extending a hand-up through healing moments of REST & RESTORATION, equipping for a life of worship, service and success in Christ. MISSION The broader goal of Healing Hand-up Ministries is to be obedient to “love thy neighbor” by networking with the local Body of Christ extending a “hand up” rather than a “hand out”, assisting individuals in becoming financially independent & spiritually inter-dependent contributors to their family, church, and community. When the time our guests have spent at Rapha Ridge Retreats or the Chastain House has come to an end, it is our prayer that the message that God has spoken into them will go with them. They in turn will "pay it forward" to another weary"neighbor" needing a healing hand-up. OVERVIEW Healing Hand-up Ministries is a program for those who need to take a "breath" to allow personal healing. Whether its a few days in solitude for a prayer retreat, financial counsel or short-term housing to bridge the gap due to an unexpected financial upheaval, food resources and encouragement, or maybe just prayer support & guidance for their next step. HHM is for those who need rest & healing and desire discipleship opportunities in order to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ. As our country’s economy continues to waiver, Healing Hand-up Ministries desires to assist many otherwise healthy individuals & families needing a healing hand up, remembering that God’s economy is always strong. His Word is always the same ... He still desires to give you a future and a hope! DESCRIPTION 1) Interim Housing -- Chastain Ministry House Thanks to the initial partnership with Brother Bill Chastain to see an affordable interim house in the Denton County community, a house was identified & the majority of funds were donated for the Ministry’s first outreach home in Denton County. And thanks to the continued inter-denominational volunteer efforts of the Body of Christ joining together, the first “hand-up house” - the Chastain House" has been completed debt free. It can support 4 singles, 2 single moms, or a family of 6+. Prospective guests seeking an extended stay at a "Hand-Up House" are initially recommended by leadership in a para-church/church body who has agreed to partner with us in extending a healing hand-up. Recipients are qualified on a case-by-case basis through an application process (REQUEST APPLICATION at healinghandup@live.com), and then agree to comply with all aspects and requirements of the program. Guests must be willing to attend required or suggested bible study/worship/prayer sessions onsite or at other designated locations, as well as attend a local church weekly. Each employed resident will be required to tithe, save, and pay a pre-determined service fee based on a sliding scale to assist in covering costs of program. Ministry leaders will assist as needed with resumes, encouraging new life skills, creating family budgets, & discovering Biblical truths … all through the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Our next project includes a Hand-Up House in SAINT JO, TX which would reach both Montague & Cooke County families. 2) Rapha Ridge Prayer Retreat -- Tex's Cabin With the vision for land now a reality at Rapha Ridge Retreats, we are now able to extend our outreach to Cooke and Montague County communities. We have recently expanded to open the first ministry cabin at Rapha Ridge as a prayer retreat for those needing solitude and spiritual refreshment from their Kingdom work. This cabin is fully functional with a complete kitchen and washer/dryer for extended stays (Missionary furloughs, short interim stays, etc.) And with 2+ additional more cabins planned in the future, onsite hands-on ministry from founders Randy and Cheryl is now possible. 3) JahveHaus & Martus Bookstore Healing Hand-Up Ministries is receiving 100% of the proceeds from a new Coffee House in Saint Jo, Tx. Once initial expenses have been paid, the hope is that this coffee house will contribute funds in addition to Healing Hand-Up Ministries donor support. Come by for a Cup of Saint "Jo".:) General Information

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